Who is Keith K. L. Belvin
Crisis Specialist / Author


Keith "K. L." Belvin owner of Bravin Consultants LLC, is a Crisis Specialist, who offers family therapy. Keith is also an award winning published author/poet who's been featured in Ebony Magazine (Feb. 2012 Black Love Issue) He was a Delaware Investigator, and a former Dean of Students for the NYC DOE. 
Keith is also an ordained minister in Delaware who offers Christian Counseling & Mentoring


- MA, Human Services Counseling / Christian Ministry

Liberty University

- MS, Education / Curriculum Writing, Assessments & Teaching

Walden University

- BA, Physical Education / Movement Science, Health Education

York College, City University of NY

- AAS, Business / Travel & Tourism 

Kingsborough Community College, City University of NY 

- Ordained Minister,


- Certified State Investigator,

State of Delaware

 - Certified Educator,

Delaware & New York   

- Certified Curriculum Reviewer,

New York

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The words of those who have worked with Keith K. L. Belvin;

Latoria Banks, Educator, Stevenson House Detention Center:                 
For Mr. Belvin and His Young King Program, 
Throughout my years working with youth in various settings, I have found that young men, particularly those from disenfranchised homes and living in poverty need guidance and assistance. Mr. Belvin starts each session by having the young men give affirmations or something positive that has happened to them. For our young men in the juvenile system seeing past their current situation is difficult let alone finding any positives. He uses current and high-interest topics and intertwines them with teaching character and values.
Author and Counselor, Joyce A. Graham said:
After my daughter passed away, I had all but given up on writing ever again. Her death devastated me and I just didn’t have the motivation or the inclination to ever pen another book. When I awakened this morning, I stumbled upon a blog from Keith. I was only going to listen for a little while, intending to only get the essence of what he was trying to convey. I could not stop listening! As I continued to listen to the information he shared regarding writing, I could sense that he was authentic and transparent. He demonstrated a genuine concern for other writers in addition to a strong sense of ethical responsibility. Right away, I sensed the spirit of the Lord saying, “This is the person who I have ordained to help you.” I called him immediately. After speaking with him for a few minutes, I was convinced that he did not view his publishing company as merely a business, with nothing driving it but dollar signs, philosophy, methods, and skill; it was a MINISTRY. But because I was still struggling, I felt very vulnerable and extremely skeptical. But Keith did not relate to me from a position of authority, superiority, or pressure. He listened, encouraged, and ministered to me. I am so looking forward to working with him! More importantly, I am excited about writing again!
Odis Bellinger, MA, LLPC, found of Building Better Men Inc.said:
Keith Belvin is an honest, down to earth author, clinician, and businessman. I have encountered him at all of these levels. Keith spoke at our #OurBoysCount Male Conference in Detroit MI in 2016. He was awesome!!! The men who attended gave him RAVE reviews, and he also was able to be a vendor where his books were sold. I have utilized Keith as a life-coach and confident too. He is sharp, to the point and gives GREAT insight into balancing life as a husband, businessman, and entrepreneur. I highly recommend Keith as a speaker, or collaborator, and as a partner in any endeavor that is structured to bring out the BEST in a person. He has literally help SAVE my personal life and ENHANCE my career objectives. Keith is a people expert no doubt...
Ayesha Evans, RN NYC said:
Thank you so much Keith for all of your advice and encouragement. Your coaching provided me with better insight on how I need to keep pushing myself forward even when I feel hopeless. I still have a long road ahead but the tools you've given me will always be invaluable tools for me as I push forward. Thank you so much for always being available when I need a listening ear.
Kisha Green Life Coach & Literary Consultant said:
Keith Belvin is a very knowledgeable man in publishing and his integrity is always intact in his business dealings. His voice demands attention when you hear him speak and is a definite asset.
Shanikqua Cook, RN NYC said:
Sometimes you can’t just work through all life problems on your own, and that’s OK. I have found myself seeking help from a counselor Keith K. L. Belvin who has and continues to help me navigate through the obstacles call life. If you need someone who will not be biased towards whatever your situation is, please feel free to reach out to him. He is accredited and holds multiple degrees, indeed the real deal. Thanks, Mr. B for utilizing the gift God has blessed you with.
Jonathan M. Wynne said:
I have been very impressed with the wisdom and dedication of K.L. Belvin. If you need a great speaker or panelist for your next event, he will bring a refreshing, thought-provoking message to engage your audience.
James J Fiedler said: 
Wish I would have reached out to someone Like Keith Belvin before I gave up on my relationship                 
Nicole Cunningham said:
Testimony for Keith Belvin.... not because he's my friend but this man is the reason why I am alive and didn't commit suicide and I opened my eyes. You are my guardian angel. Always showing me the light when I see darkness. Thank u again!
Author Joreen Schatze Sykes said:
It was very nice speaking with you today as well. You are so inspirational. The way you speak is so motivational.
Kash Brown said: 
Thanking KL Belvin. My man you are bar none a motivator to the highest accord. Your help really shaped me spiritually. All dark corners will be bright soon.


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