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Bravin Publishing LLC
Bravin Publishing is an African American faith-based literary service provider who offers individualized services for aspiring authors who desires to create and control their literary works. At Bravin publishing, we provide the foundation needed to assist you in self-publishing your book.  
Glenn P Brooks Jr, Professional Coach
Glenn is the founder and CEO of Glenn P Brooks Jr LLC. He facilitates professional development training and individual leadership coaching to business executives, small business owners, middle managers, and entry-level leaders. As a relationship coach Glenn's personable and transparent approach motivates and inspires his clients to successfully implement a game plan for them to reach their personal relationship goals.
CityMax.com: Create a Professional Website
What is CityMax.com?
CityMax.com is an award-winning easy website builder that lets you build your own stunning website or online store in as little as 5 minutes, no HTML or web design skills required.

Simply choose a design template, easily customize it, and go live – and make changes to your website any time you like.

Your website includes everything you need to be successful online. Share information, post photos and videos, sell products or digital downloads, accept credit card payments via payment gateways, track sales and visitors, send email newsletters, offer coupons and discount codes and more.
Weekly Live Tick Toc Show
I host a Live show on Tick Toc where I answer questions submitted by those who are watching The show is designed to discuss important discussions for singles, couples, males, females, and much more.