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A Man In Transition by K. L. Belvin  Poetry

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A Man In Transition by K. L. Belvin

As a man travels through life many things affect the way he chooses to walk his path. Some may run and see nothing, some may quit and stay right where they are, and yet others will grow as they walk, taking in each moment as they pass by. A Man in Transition is a reflection of my path and the variables that affect my steps.  I was never a child that considered God would even think of giving me talent enough to write anything on this scale. Well as you grow and mature you start to have many experiences in your life. The Lord’s voice grows stronger and even if you go in a different direction you’re still going to experience what he wants for you, it just wont make as much sense until you give in and listen. There is love and emotion that comes along the way as your life shapes into form. The love you have for God, your kids, and of course finding a good woman. There is passion for the same things. There is reflection, when you take the time to look back and ask the hard questions of yourself. This book gives you all that and then some.



4 of 5 stars..

"A Man In Transition" by K.L. Belvin is a book of poetry and short stories that touch on a variety of topics from the loss of a loved one or one of respect and appreciation, to fatherhood, relationships and marriage and covering topics of self doubt, regrets, determination and self pride. This book is a journey in to the life and thoughts of K.L. The Writer...sharing of himself in a very vulnerable way, but keeping it so real into how we has human beings may think, act and suffer consequences behind our actions and decisions.

As I read through "A Man In Transition" I found it to feel like a journal into the life of K.L. Belvin and could see this book used as a daily reading. He shares poetry, closing with his thoughts to help the reader further understand where he was coming from or what he might hope you would get out of the piece. As I read the different pieces, it allowed me to feel like I was sitting in front of K.L., having a dialogue on life and I could hear myself respond or ask further questions. I know that K.L. Belvin felt he was stepping out on faith in publishing this book and in revealing himself in this manner. But to have a man share in a simple but real way is a special gift. I hope it will touch many people in a way that they will turn inward, to look at their own lives, thoughts and actions.

"A Man In Transition" is a book I would and could recommend to all people. Men, women, people of a variety of ethnic and socially economic groups for in my opinion this book touches on subjects that "people" in general have experienced and are not willing to admit to. It is much more than a poetry & short story book...it is a lesson on life. K.L. The Writer...you are a great writer but you are much more than that...you, in my opinion are a teacher of life. I look forward to reading "From Gigolo to Jesus" and other future publications writer by you.

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