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From Gigolo to Jesus, Memoir

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As a young boy, growing up without a father, K.L. Belvin’s discovery of pornography launched him on a decades-long sexual addiction that found him sleeping with more than three hundred women, leading to more than twenty-five unwanted pregnancies. He had six children with five different women—and lost touch with a few of his kids for many years. He divorced his first wife and cheated on his second when dating. Then the Lord entered K.L.’s life and everything changed. This nothing-held-back memoir tells of one man’s redemption, his journey “from male whore to a man of God,” as he learned the difference between sex and love and set out to atone for his sins. This inspiring book reminds us that as long as we draw breath, it’s never too late to change.


5.0 out of 5 stars 

Eye Opening.

I just finished this book .. I am still left in shocked that this man has put his personal life out on display to help someone else.. this is rare to have this kind of story being told what I will say is testimony because that is what this book is.

I have not read a book were someone outlined their life where they did not look good in it maybe some not in a way this book went into details...with all his lying, cheating, all the many partners he had not using protection ... the list could of went on and on,

You think damn some on someone who is addicted to sex please until
 read this I did not believe in it.. now i understand what it is most times its not the sex its what you are covering the sex act with pain from the past that u have yet to deal with. being no father, sexual abuse so many factors that can lead a person down a deadly road of destruction.

I give Kl Belvin Kudos for calling his self out and letting the world know what is going on out in this world shedding a light on fixing issues instead of sweeping it under the rug.
 Kudos for finding the deeper issue and using your testimony to help others.


Sharon Blount, BRAB Online Book Club