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12 Steps to Recovering From a Toxic Relationship

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In his new book "12 Steps To Recovering From a Toxic Relationship", Keith K. L. Belvin tackles the steps needed to move on after a toxic relationship. In this book, he offers ways to identify and deal with each area mentioned. He even provides a list of music to add to your future playlist to find a new healing pathway.

"12 Steps To Recovering From a Toxic Relationship " is a comprehensive guide to recognizing, navigating, and recovering from toxic relationships. Whether you're currently in a toxic partnership, have experienced one in the past, or want to learn more about the dynamics of unhealthy relationships, this book offers practical advice and insights for healing and moving forward. Focusing on self-care, boundary-setting, and building healthy communication skills, the 12 Steps in this book will provide a roadmap for breaking free from toxic patterns and creating a fulfilling, authentic life free from the effects of the previous relationship.

As a Crisis Specialist and Human Service Counselor with Master's degrees in Human Service Counseling and Education, Keith has over twenty years of experience from the New York City Department of Education dealing with people and emotional issues. Keith practices private counseling in Delaware but hosts virtual seasons in the state, nationwide, and abroad where needed. In addition, Keith provides personal crisis and couples counseling.

"12 Steps To Recovering From a Toxic Relationship” will offer light through much of the darkness a person faces when attempting to heal—this book will open the door to real help to those in need.